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  • Product quality and environmental protection are two basic prerequisites for our customers’ satisfaction and our competitiveness, together with our commercial success.
  • In order to fulfill the zero-error requirement, we operate according to clearly formulated policies. All customer specifications and requirements must be complied with.
  • We emphasise active communication and information exchange with employees, suppliers, customers, authorities, the local community and the public.
  • The basis for the responsible interaction with our environment is the commitment to operate within the boundaries of the relevant laws and regulations.
  • Furthermore we dedicate resources to saving energy and constantly improving operations for increasing efficiency to minimize environmental footprint.
  • Constant improvement combined with innovation is the company’s propulsion for competitiveness and long-term success.
  • At all times leadership is aiming for high employee satisfaction and quality awareness across the entire company.
  • We educate our employees about the environmental meaning of their work and workplace safety and train them accordingly.
  • In the context of corporate social responsibility we highly value product safety and minimization of potential risks for third parties and the environment. Fairness, openness and diversity are considered an integral part of VENTREX’ company culture. “Diversity” for us carries the meaning of variety, the mutual regard for differentness in terms of gender, colour, language, ethnicity, religion, family status, social status, age and sexual orientation. These differences also exist at VENTREX. We appreciate diversity to the fullest and regard this property of individualism as an enormous competitive advantage.